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Friday, February 24, 2006

monthly punctuation

See this ---> .

What is that? Fill in the blank: "why chosha, that small dot is a _______."

Now when I answer that question, the answer is, "It's a full stop." Did you say "period"? I just can't get used to this. I'm assuming it must be an Americanism, because I can't remember ever calling it that, even when I was a kid in school. I always feel like there should be more, like: "period where we pause before starting to read the next sentence". Because a "period" ~ just all by itself like that ~ well dude that's just menstruation.

Funky Bug mentioned in her Feb 24 post that she had started a diet, only to come home to no Diet Coke in the fridge. Paul G added this comment:
Well I'm glad to hear you resisted the old, 'no diet coke - no diet period' rule.
And I spent the next 30 seconds trying to imagine what the heck a "diet period" could be... o_O?
When I hear the term "period movie" it reminds me of Puberty Blues, where the main characters spends several scenes going to the bathroom every chance she gets, in the hope of seeing some evidence that she isn't pregnant. I guess it was her friend, in the end.

And 'full stop' is so clear! A comma is a small pause; a semi-colon just a smidge more of one. At a colon you pause as if you were going to stop...and then you keep going. But a full stop is simply a /full/ /stop/. You fully stop. You can even take a quick breath, because you've fully stopped. See how logical that is??

Yes I think so, too.