a little east of reality

Friday, February 17, 2006

feminine wiles?

Clip from upcoming movie. Michael (straight guy) defending himself to Steve (his gay friend) after divulging a secret to their mutual friend Rhonda:

M: You wouldn't understand. She's a woman. They have their ways!
S: What, she hypnotised you with her feminine wiles?
M: Yes she did! She did, actually!

Feminine wiles? Us? What on Earth is that man talking about?? *confused* ^_^

Known feminine wiles:
1. the French pouty thing
2. playing hard to get
3. leaving something to the imagination (but not everything)
4. deliberately starting to cry (this one makes me grit my teeth)
5. playful teasing

...ideas? additions?

I think a little wily-ness is fun, if it doesn't morph into its evil twin, manipulation. What do you think? Are feminine wiles cute? annoying? tantilising? confusing? Girls...do you have them? Do you use them, and if so, what for?