a little east of reality

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentines' day!

Hello all you happening cats and kittens. Did Valentine's Day treat you right? Now I'll be happy to hear about it if you were showered in cards and chocolates and lingerie, etc, but more importantly - did you SEND a Valentine this year? There's no-one I'm terribly in love with at the moment, but I sent one anonymous Valentine just to get into the spirit of things. That was fun actually. I think that's my favourite thing about Valentine's Day actually, is the chance to be creative. Whether anonymous or not, Valentines should show some imagination, don't you think?

Cupid was avoiding me, but I think that might have had something to do with the fact that I was wearing this badge all day. Strictly speaking I'm not Anti-Valentine ~ lovely man, helping young lovers to be married in spite of wretched King Claudius and his 'no marriage' law ~ but this Cupid fellow, flying around flinging arrows willy-nilly into unsuspecting hearts...he must be stopped. At least the couples St Valentine married had asked for his help.

So, chocolates all round. Enjoy the day. And don't count your Valentines (though it includes one from me!) ...count the people YOU love. The world's a beautiful place, and not even blatant commercialism can change that. ^_^