a little east of reality

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

writer wannabe seeks quasi-literary types for bookish pursuits

A couple of weeks ago Irina made the excellent suggestion that I look around for a writers' group to join as a way to meet people. What I've discovered is that there are lots in Canberra, and even a pretty active writers' centre that hosts courses and events. Apart from the benefit of meeting new people, it's a great resource to work on my writing and the goal to publish a short story or novel. I wouldn't even mind doing some freelance non-fiction writing, but that will take some researching to find some good topics and markets for the articles. Still, it's one of the more interesting ways to make some extra money.

I've also decided to try and locate a book club (reading group) that meets in my area, if there is one. A bunch of us formed a book club in Japan, but that was mainly to swap books with each other (English language books being expensive to get there) rather than being the type of club where everyone is reading the same book at the same time and meets to talk about it. Either style is fine with me as long as it's a friendly and interesting group of people.

I'll post my findings soon!