a little east of reality

Monday, February 20, 2006

no I'm not going to scarborough fair

"Of all herbs, basil holds the essense of the Tuscan summer."

We'll need a little 'essence of Tuscan summer' soon in the cold capital. So here is the start of chosha's herb garden: sage, sweet basil and thyme. The thyme in particular smells wonderful. They look so fresh and green that it's hard not to use them straight away, but of course I have to give them a little time to grow first. My track record with plants is not good, but herbs are hardy, so I'm hopeful.

On Saturday morning I'm going to check out a few garage sales and hopefully find some medium sized pots to transplant them into. I have a small table on the balcony that I will put right under the kitchen window. They'll get a lot of good sun there and it's easy to take water from the kitchen to water them there. Right now the plants are small enough to use as a centrepiece if we want to eat at the table outside. Hopefully we'll do more of that over the next few weeks while the perfect Spring weather is here. It doesn't last long, this reprieve from the heat and prelude to the chilly Canberra winter, so I want to make the most of it.