a little east of reality

Sunday, February 19, 2006

silent bob arrives suddenly

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer when an email came in. Is the room still available? Yes, it was. And roughly 90 minutes later he'd seen the room, we asked all our various questions, and I had a new boarder. Yah!!!! And no waiting, no mucking around - he moved in today!

Of course it's too early to know much about what he's like, but for now here's what I do know:
1. He's from China;
2. He's quiet. And it's not just the second language thing;
3. He's studying engineering and has long class hours (9-4, Mon-Fri);
4. He's lived in Australia for about 18months now, so he's used to we weird Aussies and our food and such.
5. He's very organised and studious.

Many Chinese choose a Western name when they study English. Amusingly his English name is the same as Phi's (real) name. Obviously on the blog I will give him his own nickname (and Phi doesn't suit him anyway) but I am still thinking about what fits. In real life we have no idea what to call him and are just putting up with the name mix-ups. Personally I'd be happy to just call Phi 'Phi' in real life haha ~ that's what his number is listed under in my mobile phone ~ but I think he likes his name just as it is. ^_~

Ooh, ooh, I know what to call the new guy!! He'll be Silent Bob. And no, that doesn't mean I'll be renaming Phi as Jay, though it's sorely tempting. Phi is almost as talkative as Jay, but doesn't spin nearly as much crap. Hmmmm...Silent Bob. Yes I think it fits.