a little east of reality

Thursday, February 23, 2006

okay that's done. oh wait, no it's not. okay that's...oh wait

I just edited that last post about ELEVEN times!! Okay, two of those times was adjusting pictures, which I can't do until I've seen it properly published (the preview function has its little quirks), but the rest were just stupid little things I missed.

How can it look so right in the 'create post' box and l.o.o.k. .s.o. .w.r.o.n.g when it hits the net? It's like a tiny virus that causes typos and redundancies to jump into your text, but doesn't activate until you click 'Publish Post'. Then it's like a typo hydra, adding two mistakes for every one you chop out of your post.

Anyone else had this "virus"? It's a doozy.