a little east of reality

Thursday, February 23, 2006

hey, smoke up johnny!

Lately I've been getting a new variety of spam email. Have the tobacco companies tapped into spam as the new way to advertise (other avenues having been steadily blocked)? If so, they've apparently abandoned subliminal messaging for all out obviousness.

"Chatting with your friends and smoking is the best way to spend your leisure time.

If $moking is your l1fe$tyle, it means you rock."
Now I was under the impression that I rocked, but sadly, $moking is not my l1fe$tyle. So I guess I'll have to accept that I don't, after all, rock. (-_-)

I do, however, breathe without coughing. And I do, in fact, have around $30 more to spend each week than a smoker. And in the middle of the chilly Canberra winter, on a day that would freeze the balls off a brass monkey, I will not, at any time, be found in the pathetic huddle of addicts freezing their collective asses off for the sake of inhaling lung cancer. So there are compensations...you know, for the non-rocking thing. ^_~

Having said that, can I just quietly admit that a part of me STILL thinks smoking is cool? How crazy is that?? I mean seriously, here are Iggy Pop and Tom Waits in the movie Coffee and Cigarettes, arguably two of the ugliest dudes on the planet...and even they look cool! o_O It's not the 'flirting with death' thing...flirting with death is stupid (and he's too grim to flirt properly anyway). It's partly the rebel look. But overall I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I just harbour a secret wish that Jack White would show me his Tesla coil...

First person to tell me where my title is from gets this virtual pack of Marlboro Red, full of virtual nicotine...the best kind!