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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

another humdinger from 8 out of 10 cats

After a story about how George W Bush's watch had been stolen while he was visiting Albania:
George Bush has stolen an election, invaded a country on false pretences, tortured, lied and not signed the Kyoto Agreement, but now...his watch has been stolen.

If you're watching, Karma...make an effort!
Oh and here's the video (thank you, Youtube!) of the my favourite insult post a bit back. I've watched all six seasons now (six episodes of about twenty minutes ~ it's not enough) so I'll stop babbling about 8 out of 10 cats until next year.

Another interesting conversation (transposed by me into direct speech) from Neil Gaiman's blog:

Neil: Hi, this is Neil Gaiman, I need to fix something on my account.
Visa Card Customer Service Rep: Hang on, are you the Neil Gaiman?
Neil: Yes, I am.
VCCSR: So...are you going to be writing an episode of Dr Who?
Neil: ... o_O?

I do wonder at what point this sort of stuff moves to the need for super-secret dealings. I know that authors don't pull the same kind of scrutiny that A-list actors do, though the man has quite the cult following, but when will he be so famous that he needs to ensure that the customer service reps he deals with have some kind of clearance? Does that come guaranteed with the Platinum card? I wonder...

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