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Saturday, July 12, 2008

all my friends in los angeles should expect an email

From Neil Gaiman's blog comes the news that the illustrator I find most intriguing in the world, Dave McKean, is not only having an exhibition at the The Merry Karnowsky Gallery (July 19 - August 16), but also will be at the opening on the 19th of July. Which is open to the public. Of which I am a member. Except that I live 12,325 km (7658 miles) away.


If I was rich I'd be on a plane next week to LA. (Though in fairness if I was rich I would have been visiting jojo, Tetchan and Ai in LA every six months for the last five years. And a bunch of other people in a bunch of other places.) But anyway...if anyone in or near LA happens to read this, do try and get along to this thing.

Dave McKean is not like any artist you've ever seen before.

One of my (previously) secret goals in life is to write a book for which Dave McKean would want to do the cover. Actually I'm writing the book now. Getting Dave to read it might be more difficult. Perhaps after it wins a Hugo. (Hey what's the point of having goals if they aren't lofty?)

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