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Friday, July 11, 2008

big brother delivers a bombshell

Big Brother is on again in Australia and though I do not watch the show (I didn't know boring things could in addition be so irritating until BB arrived) I was amused to read the account of Pamela Anderson's arrival for her 3-day stay in the house.

Apparently the housemates first thought that it must be one of those celebrity look-a-likes sent in to fool them, because they just couldn't believe it was really her. Pammy won't reveal how much she was paid for this gig, except to say that it was 'a lot' and 'much more than I'm worth'. I'm guessing the guys in particular would disagree with that ~ they'll have bragging rights at the pub forever after three whole days and nights with the babiest of all Baywatch babes.

BB host Kyle Sandilands made a bit of a dick of himself (wasn't the first time, won't be the last) by asking her what part of the US she grew up in...she's Canadian. :)

I'm _almost_ tempted to tune in to see what happens. Almost.

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