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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

you gotta fat ass?

Comedian Reginald D Hunter, on 8 out of 10 cats:
RDH: I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, all that crazy stuff. It bugs me. It's international test day for a woman get to test how much her man love her. [Not sure how this follows on, but anyway...] For instance, I can't tell my lady if she got a fat ass. 'Cause you ain't supposed to tell a lady she got a fat ass, even if she ask you she gotta fat ass, you can't say she got a fat ass, even though she suspect she gotta fat ass. But I gotta lie, and subvert reality and pretend that she don't have a fat ass, when the reality, the reason I'm wid her, is because she got a fat ass.

Sean Lock: [points out the camera and says in his very British accent] You have just told her that she has a fat ass.

RDH: [waves] Hi baby! Happy Valentine's Day.

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