a little east of reality

Monday, June 19, 2006

a right crazy bunch

What do you call nine feisty 11-12 year olds all in one room? My new Sunday School class! I finally got a new calling at church (it's been almost six months!) and I've landed in Primary teaching the oldest age group. I taught them on Sunday just as a favour, before anyone asked about me being in Primary on an ongoing basis - they're a good group, though very noisy. The level of noisy that stops you getting through the lesson. I will have to harness all that teacher energy that's been lying dormant for a while now. Either that or blast the worst of them with my 60 ft robot.

I guess I'm going to have to get more diligent about attending my own ward now. Primary requires that commitment to being there regularly, because it's hard for them to find replacement teachers if you don't show up. Teaching in Primary was actually the first calling I ever had. I taught 8 year olds, then 9 year olds, then 18mths - 3 years, and finally was the music leader, all over the space of about 6 years. And it was a fun ride.