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Thursday, June 01, 2006

thirteen things that are on my mind this week

1. The public discussion paper I'm writing for work. There are some technical aspects that are a bit beyond my knowledge and I keep having to double check everything.
2. The potential new boarder who's coming to see the room on Saturday. I really need a new boarder, so I'm seriously hoping he's suitable.
3. The general disorganisation of my desk. I keep trying to organise it so I have space to get on with some writing projects, but once dinner is cooked I feel so unmotivated to do anything else with my evening. It's mostly laziness and partly lack of sleep, but whatever its cause, all this procrastination is pissing me off.
4. How early the days are getting dark already. Winter only starts today and it's already dark by 5.30pm.
5. My lack of drawing skills. I'm trying to finish a design using a new toy I haven't yet blogged about (soon!) Huge fun, but I constantly wish I knew more about drawing.
6. My finances. I've just reorganised all my automatic payments. It's quite satisfying actually, to work it all out.
7. Phi's latest stories of romance, which were all amusing.
8. Stories ideas. I've had more story ideas in the last few days than I've had in the last six months. Very cool and exciting.
9. The chick lit romance I'm reading. It's actually a bit boring in the romance department, but I keep reading it because it's set in Ireland and everyone has cool accents and says things like, "I'm just grand, thanks!".
10. The new storytelling group I'll be going to soon for the first time. I hope it's as interesting as it sounds.
11. My car. It really needs tuning & servicing, but I have to get a new boarder first for sure before I spend the money to do it. It does run okay, but the mornings are icy now and it'll tackle the winter better if it's properly maintained.
12. My new business cards. They were super cheap so I ordered some. The job description under my name is 'freelance writer' (though at this point that is more accurately described as my hobby (or my future dream...^_^ to the few people who get why that's funny)). I plan to attach one to the top of each story as I mail it off.
13. Whether or not I've got all the details/links right for this Thursday Thirteen.

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