a little east of reality

Saturday, May 27, 2006

conversation snippet #141

Keyboard Kid & I are standing in the checkout line at our local supermarket. He is looking at the lolly rack.

KK: Hmph. I never realised those were called Life Savers.
Ch: What did you think they were called?
KK: I always thought they were called Light Sabers.
Ch: /laughing/ Okay that's so funny I'm going to blog it.
KK: No! It's too embarrassing.
Ch: It's okay, I don't use your real name on the blog anyway.
KK: What do you call me?
Ch: You're the Keyboard Kid.
KK: What do you call [his brother & sister]?
Ch: Well she used to be the Little Drummer Girl and he used to be Bass Boy, but then she sold him her drums, so now I call her Gangsta Girl and him Drummer Boy.
KK: Ohhhh, now I get why you call me the Keyboard Kid.
Ch: Yeah, because you play piano so well.
KK: Yeah, when you first said it I thought, 'but I'm not even on the computer that much...'
Ch: /laughing/ Okay I'm blogging that, too.