a little east of reality

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

gaiman 2: the incredible journey

Saw Neil Gaiman again tonight, but this time out at Macquarie Uni. 20min on a train, 50min on a bus, 10min to find the hall. Luckily I'd found Wagamama just before leaving and had some life-sustaining edamame to keep me going. I got there and nabbed a prime seat. Because the book-signing was happening at the front of the lecture theatre, sitting near the front was not a disadvantage (unlike last night). The theatre was much smaller than Town Hall and I almost felt too close to him as he spoke. That's just shyness though.

Neil said that he had been planning to read us the same story that he read last night, but that he left the hard copy in someone's car, so once again we heard an unpublished story, this time a very funny piece called How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

A guy on the bus that helped me with directions to the uni also said that it would be much quicker for me to catch the same bus on to Epping station and make my way back to St Peters that way. His directions were good, but oh how wrong he was about the train. Maybe at peak hour there are express trains or something, but after the lecture there was just a slow train that stopped at every station. I also had to change train lines twice to get onto the Bankstown line to get to St Peters. I ended up pulling into the apartment around 10.30pm, despite leaving the lecture just after 8.30pm.

Still, seeing Neil speak was the whole reason I was in Sydney, so it was worth it.