a little east of reality

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I meme

This meme on Craziequeen's blog appealed to me, so here's my take on it:

1 I am sick of worrying about money.
2 I want someone to share my life with.
3 I wish people would stop sending me chain mail emails featuring cute angels and virtual hugs.
4 I hate emotional manipulation.
5 I love intelligent comedy.
6 I fear the apparent return of 80s fashion.
7 I hear imperfectly thanks to way too many rock concerts in my misspent youth.
8 I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever have kids.
9 I regret not becoming fluent in Japanese while I had the chance.
10 I am not sufficiently outcome-focused.
11 I dance with funky abandon.
12 I sing in the car while I’m driving.
13 I cry in movies, over books, at cute commercials…total sap.
14 I make boring soups, decent lasagne and killer fudge brownies.
15 I write well, but not often enough.
16 I confuse people’s names all the time.
17 I need help! I need a facial! I need to go on a diet! I need money! I need new shoes! (Anyone? Anyone?)
18 I should get more sleep.
19 I start too many sentences with the phrase, “the thing is…”
20 I finish books too quickly.
21 I tag akujou, but anyone else who feels like doing it, leave a message in the comments so I can come read yours.