a little east of reality

Saturday, June 10, 2006

it's all about the bride

The trip to Sydney was a bit of a comedy of errors at first: interstate bus breakdown, trouble finding the right local bus, small knee injury. But Saturday morning I woke with a quite optimistic feeling that the day would go well, and in spite of all my pathetic limping, it did.

The day dawned overcast, but clear. This was good. Not only is overcast the best weather for wedding photos (bright, sunny days create glare and more noticeable shadows) but also the forecast had been for rain, rain, rain - so the lack of it was a nice surprise. I got to the chapel early and ended up acting as an usher of sorts as everyone who had a role at the wedding (except me and the pianist) were late. But that's true to form - brides in particular are almost always late. I did get to see some people I haven't seen for a decade or more. I tend to dread that kind of thing, but it was good fun. Depends on the people I guess.

Now I could go on to tell you about the whole wedding, but I won't. In format it was basically your regular wedding: the entrance, the vows, everyone looking glamourous and radiant, the endless photo-taking (it's all about the bride, baby!), some certificate signing, some cake cutting...so let me just give you a few details that made it seem special to me.

- The casual atmosphere. The bride and groom did a lot of joking together. They seemed to be having a good time at their own wedding and some people are too nervous for that.

- The room where the reception was held, which they decorated themselves the night before. The thick, white tablecloths were strewn with an apricot-scented pot pourri that filled the air with subtle fragrance. Tealight candles lined the tables down the centre. The cake was a small chocolate crockenbush circled three times with pale green ribbon (bridesmaid dress colour) and with a spray of white orchid in a little cascade down the front - beautiful.

- Baps' nephews. Really nice kids, who not only gave her away, but also were super helpful when we were getting the food heated, etc. They were the only kids there, and as a result were being watched like a hawk by their dad, but I thought they were great. The older one even did the traditional 'father of the bride' speech and welcome Scorse to the family. Very cute.

- The bowling. After the reception and photos, the whole crew ended up at this crazy bowling alley for a couple of games. Something different, if a little odd. I didn't bowl because of the knee thing, and I left them to it. I spent that night at my sister's place eating Thai food and watching Titanic. From a sappy wedding in real life to the sappiest of movie romance (/sings/ you're here in my heart and my heart will go onnnnn...) it was certainly a Hallmark kind of day.

PS...speaking of Hallmark, one of the groom's oldest friends read a poem he wrote himself. I'd forgotten about E's poetry - it's been a LONG time - but as the words slipped in Hallmark phrases and rythym from his mouth, it all came flooding back. Very, um, sentimental.

And there you have it - a good day, and I hope they'll be truly happy.