a little east of reality

Thursday, June 15, 2006

okay that didn't last...

I've decided not to continue with the Thursday Thirteen. I liked the idea of a recurring post theme, but TT is kind of annoying. To officially be a part of it all, you have to display the TT blogroll AND the links to the site at the end of the post AND there's a huge push to visit other TT participants...which is fine, if that's all you're into, but I already have a list of blogs I like to visit and I get little enough time for that as it is. I also found that if you get in early, lots of people take the time to come say 'hi' and if you post later on Thursday almost nobody does. What this has eventuated into is a situation where a bunch of bloggers post their TT on Wednesday, just trying to get to the top of the comment list. I like joining in (one reason I like memes) but I don't want to compete for attention.

If you are totally into Thursday Thirteen, please don't assume that I am lumping you into this description. I actually really like reading some of the lists, which is why I got into it in the first place. I just found it wasn't for me. So basically if you're already on my bloglines list, I'll be enjoying your TT (or other Thursday post) and hopefully posting something fun to read, even if it isn't numbered 1 through 13.