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Thursday, January 01, 2009

end-of-year meme: cross-section of my blog in 2008

A meme from Sean. If you like the idea, consider yourself tagged and let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

The rules for the meme: Take the first line from the first post of every month for the last year, and post them together as a kind of cross-section of what you were blogging about during the year. Remember to link to all the posts you are excerpting.

January: ~~~happy new year~~~
New Year's is my favourite holiday.
February: q4: study the following photographs carefully. compare and contrast.
I was planning to post a series of pictures about food consumption across the globe that I received by email this morning.
March: wil anderson
More and more I find myself loving stand up comedy.
April: intended for the day, not the fool...initially
But then I read this post and now he's welcome to take the compliment for any bits he likes.
May: heart grown fonder yet?
I've certainly been absent long enough.
June: pen to paper
The first semester of my Grad Diploma in Professional Writing is drawing to a close (big test this Wednesday for Intro to Editing will be the last of my assessment tasks).
July: tag i'm it. 20+ years of chosha
I secretly love getting tagged, perhaps because it hardly ever happens.
August: feeling rattled ~ the windows et moi The carport at our place is open at the sides. September: the hobbit
From a current Empire magazine interview with Guillermo del Toro:
October: editing project crunch time
This semester my major editing project is (we choose/create our own) to create small training manual specifically targeted at coaches teaching wheelchair table tennis players.
November: I thought today's post would be about obama
I wanted to celebrate his election to President of the US.
December: big day out 2009
I decided to give Big Day Out a miss this summer - lots of other uses for my money right now.
Somehow I managed to miss any posts on Neil Gaiman or So You Think You Can Dance? How I do not know. :)

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