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Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm supposed to be on leave right now

In fact, I was supposed to be on leave all last week, but only ended up taking Tuesday and Friday. Now next week I'm working Monday and Tuesday as well. I'm not sure why I so easily agreed to that. I know there is work to do, but it's not like there's no-one else to do it. I think it was just that I knew I didn't have anything in particular that had to be done those days, so why not be cooperative and come in? The trouble with that reasoning is that I slotted in those days of leave because I need a break. I've been sick probably five or six times in the last six months and also had a lot going on with work and church as well. For a lot of reasons, 2009 is going to be quite a different year for me and I want to go into it happy and rested.

Which all boils down to the fact that on Monday I'm going to tell my boss (who is well aware that I've been sick a lot and had planned to take a real break over Christmas) that I'm shifting this leave not taken to the week after New Year's and heading for the coast.

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