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Monday, November 24, 2008

things i did on the weekend

1. Got a new boarder. He's from Saudi Arabia, which means our home will, most weeks, be a pork-free zone. He's quite gregarious, which I'm sure is a shock to the system for Hermit Boy, my Japanese boarder. He's definitely an extrovert and very eager to increase his level of English, so he chats a lot, but he's also not used to that much English, so by yesterday evening he was exhausted. I remember that!! At work in Japan most people wanted to speak English to me, but church was three hours of trying to understand Japanese way beyond my level that had me struggling to stay awake and not miss my stop on the train home (and it was only two stations from Ibaraki to Takatsuki).

2. Told Dancer Boy (aka Keyboard Kid) that I was going to rename him Flexi Boy on my blog after he showed me some particularly twisty moves he's picked up learning Contemporary. He's been concerned because he is the only one in his dance class that hasn't been learning dance for at least ten years and isn't doing more than four classes a week, but today his dance teacher told him that he's catching them up, so he was pretty excited. It's pretty exciting for me, too, to watch him get better as a dancer week by week. We watch a lot of dance-related TV shows or movies together (especially 'So You Think You Can Dance?') but suddenly he can watch a move and then two days later he's doing it in my kitchen. Wow.

3. Realised that despite reading numerous related posts, I had somehow missed the fact that Transgender Remembrance Day was happening. I would like to post something on that, but I'll do it tomorrow.

4. Gave the Primary kids left over Halloween candy. They all left with an eyeball, an ear, a severed finger or a nose. :)

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