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Friday, November 14, 2008

fun stuff on geekologie

Geekologie always have pretty fun stuff. This week it includes:

If the Matrix ran on Windows.

Fiber Optic Wallpaper

This popping edamame keychain which I めちゃめちゃほしい.

And this story about a guy who crystalised an entire apartment. So freaking cool. If I ever own my own house I'd love to do that to one room (and yes probably never will, but stop thinking in terms of reality). Actually I've always wanted a tatami room, too. Maybe I could crystalise it first and then replace the crystally floor with tatami matting. The apartment (shown in the video below) looks like a dark, wet, sparkly cave, but imagine a room like that after someone with the money to do it had fitted it out properly and gotten great light in there. It would look unbelieveable. I wonder if the crystals stay once they form or have a limited span...? I feel like they'd stay, based on no scientific knowledge of the subject whatsoever.

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