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Friday, October 31, 2008

so far in the future it's like fortune telling

I just bought two tickets to see P!nk in June of next year. Yes, tickets for her June 2009 Funhouse tour Sydney show(s) went on sale this morning. Are they trying to catch everyone before they spend all their money on Christmas presents?


Anyway, I saw her 'I'm Not Dead' tour last year and she was fantastic. Sadly I had to be at a first aid course when those tickets went on sale and my online-purchasing-challenged friend got us tickets that were almost in the nosebleed section. Not this time, baby!

I'm giving the other ticket to Dancer Boy (aka Keyboard Kid) for Christmas and his birthday (they were bloody expensive tickets). His birthday is actually in June and he'll be fifteen, so about time he went to his first arena concert. We both love P!nk. She's so fierce!

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