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Monday, November 17, 2008

sytycd? canada ~ top 20

The show opened with a hot, hot salsa routine from Arassay (Ah-rah-sigh) and Nico. They are one of my favourite couples. This is not the best routine of the night, but it's danced with such joy that I wanted to share it anyway.

Much longer, but better quality version.

My other favourite routine of the night was this contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey and danced by Lisa and Vincent (vin-son). Tookey describes the story as being about balance between a couple and for the dancers the routine was a lot about trust. I love the music choice (Emmy Rossum's 'Slow Me Down'), and i'm glad these two danced it. It's one of those routines that made me really emotional watching it. I love those.

Great start to the series. I also liked this hip hop routine danced by Natalli and Kevin (don't bother watching him ~ he's dancing the routine, she IS the routine) and this jive danced by Allie and Danny was really fun.

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