a little east of reality

Thursday, December 25, 2008

so this is christmas

Merry Christmas All. I realise not everyone celebrates Christmas, but even so, I can still wish you a very merry time, no? :)

I'll be going to my friends' house today (Flexi Boy, Gangsta Girl and Drummer Boy's parents). I love going to their house for Christmas. The atmosphere is relaxed and joyous and never stressed. Last year the turkey went in late and lunch was delayed till almost 3pm. In spite of the fact that presents can't be opened until after lunch, the kids just rolled their eyes, laughed off the mistake, and started up a game of Uno to pass the time. Carols, bowls of cherries and cashews and homemade truffles, traditional acting out of the Christmas story (in spite of them all protesting they are too old for that now), Norman Rockell picture lunch, cats hunting the baubles on the Christmas tree (and this year a cat that seems to be planning to have her kittens under the tree!), occasional visitors...it's just a fabulous Christmas. Even the weather is being kind - the forecast for today is 29C (84F)!
I hope you all have a wonderful day, too.