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Thursday, October 11, 2007

oblivious on both sides of the camera

[Disclaimer: Now let me just say at the outset that there is going to be a link at the end of this story and if you don't want to see a man waggling his penis about for two seconds, just don't click it. It's actually rather harmless - while you can clearly see what it is, it's far enough away to look more funny than pornographic. But the warning's there for those who don't want to see naked bits at all.]

The big story doing the rounds in Australia yesterday was that of Fox News doing a locker room interview with Manly Sea Eagle Steve Menzies and inadvertantly filming his teammate Michael Robertson "swirling his genitalia about" on the far right of the shot. Apparently it was just a silly attempt to lighten the mood in the locker room (Manly had just lost their rugby grand final), but somehow Robertson managed to completely miss the fact that the TV camera was pointed in his direction.

But here's the thing...it wasn't a live broadcast, and Fox did spot the problem later and scrap the footage. It should never have aired. And then an enterprising young Fox employee decided to email the footage to a friend. Can you grasp already where this is headed? Yep. The friend immediately posted it on Youtube. You guessed it...one fired Fox employee! I've always wondered if cameras in the locker room were a good idea. After that shmozzle, Michael Robertson probably doesn't think so.

And as promised, here's the link.

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