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Sunday, September 16, 2007

pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck

For anyone who might be interested, there are four new designs in my cafepress shop, three of them for Halloween and one that is what Bajans would refer to as a 'pretty pretty' design, but I can't think how to say it in regular English ('cutesie' is close, but that's not quite right), with butterflies in seven colours. I really want to add a vampire design to the Halloween category, but I haven't come up with one I'm happy with yet.

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia (one reason the designs are kind of American...playing to the market) but I thought this year I'd have some fun with it, so I bought a vampire movie that I used to watch a long time ago on TV ~ Fearless Vampire Hunters. Every Halloween it would show up, screening around 2.30am after another of my perennial favourites, another Hammer Horror called To Love a Vampire (which isn't available here, or I would have bought that one, too). It's always reported as the weakest of the three in the Karstein trilogy (with The Vampire Lovers and Twins Of Evil) but I've never seen those and I grew up watching this one every year in all its B-grade goodness, so I love it regardless. Both of these movie are more shlock horror than honest-to-goodness terrify-me flicks. But personally I think creepy, campy, B-grade Halloweens are way more fun.

And vampires rule. I like them better than pirates and ninjas combined. ^_^

Just found this terrible trailer for To Love a Vampire. I remember the movie being a lot funnier than this trailer, but maybe that's just my sense of humour.

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