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Friday, August 31, 2007

stuff on jimmy's blog

If you visit Jimmy's blog today you will find a couple of things other than posts:

1. You'll be able to see where I found out about the Google widget fish tank that is now on my sidebar (click to feed the fish!) I was thinking what to name my three and I've settled on Faith, Hope and Charity... No of course I'm not serious. I think I'm going for Yin (black), Yang (white) and Rhonda (red).

And speaking of fish, check these out. And people say goldfish only have short term memory. These synchronised swimmers beg to differ. I consider that myth well and truly busted.

2. You will also see the results of his recent poll on chocolate. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, people who read Jimmy's blog?! HERSHEY'S won? Seriously, how did Hershey's win over Lindt and Godiva? Had a bunch of people never TASTED Lindt and Godiva? And where the heck is CADBURY? Creamy, delicious Cadbury chocolate is not even on the list. And don't give me that 'other' crap. Cadbury is not a nameless other, thank you very much. Hershey mumbles incoherently whenever Cadbury walks in the room, it's so overawed. Godiva shakes its head and says, 'damn, I know I'm good, but how does Cadbury do it for a fifth of the price?' CADBURY, people - try it today!

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