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Friday, August 17, 2007

new harry potter products at alivan's

One day when I finally visit LA (assuming all my friends who live there don't move on before I make the trip to the US) I'm going to take a pile of galleons into Alivan's and go shopoholic on their magical butts. My favourite 'things I won't be buying from overseas because the postage will cost too much' from their selection of new items are:

I'd have to be careful where I put this. I can imagine small children smacking headfirst into my wall after "taking it at a bit of a run."

The Snitch isn't a new item, but I just wanted to comment that it's much cooler than the plush one the Whimsic Alley sells.

I'm wondering if those two almost-not-there faces are Bill and Charlie, given that we haven't seen them yet in the movies. It would be cool if the clock had a spare one or two that you could put your own photos into, but I think that's just wishful thinking.

This lamp is pricey (around $60!!!) but would look tres cool with a blue light bulb inside. ^_^

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