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Friday, August 10, 2007

and a happy little happy hour it was too

Like Hermione Granger feeling disappointed over her one 'Exceeds Expectations' (all her other OWLs results were 'Outstanding') I am a little frustrated that I got 71 out of 72 available points in the happy hour Harry Potter trivia quiz. However I did win!! The prize is a box of chocolates which I haven't received yet.

Here are the questions. See how you go (without Google) and I'll post the answers in a few days.

1. What is a Squib? (1)
2. What is a muggle? (1)
3. What is splinching? (1)
4. Name the four houses of Hogwarts. (4)
5. Name four of the Hogwarts House Ghosts and the houses they belong to. (8)
6. Name the seven defence against the dark arts teachers in the seven books. (7)
7. What is the name of the killing curse? (1)
8. Name of the curse that allows you to take control of another person? (1)
9. What was the brand of the first broomstick that Harry got? (1)
10. Name all seven Weasley’s children. (7)
11. (Excluding the last book) Name the teachers who are the heads of the four houses. Bonus Points: Name their House and the class they teach (12)
12. Name the level of wizardry achievement reached in the fifth and seventh years (Bonus Points for non-abbreviated form) (4)
13. Who where the four “Marauders”, what where their nicknames and what animals could they turn into? (12)
14. What do you call a wizard or witch that is capable of turning into an animal?(1)
15. What was the name of Hagrid’s giant pet spider? (1)
16. What is Lord Voldermort’s real name? (1)
17. What is the name of the goblin bank in Harry Potter? (1)
18. What are the first names of the three Dursley’s Harry lived with? (3)
19. What was the name of Harry’s mum? (1)
20. Name four characters that where the head of Hogwarts for a period during the seven Harry Potter books. (4)

(total 72 points)

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