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Friday, August 03, 2007

senega + ammonia = foul elixar of the underworld

Downside of being sick with a chest infection while on holiday in Adelaide:

- visited only my parents and one other family because I only had one day left once I was well enough to visit people
- sat in a chair for about five days straight (one break to go to lunch and see a movie)
- couldn't blog as I was avoiding using Mum & Dad's computers so as not to pass on sickness

Upside of being sick with a chest infection while on holiday in Adelaide:

- chair I lived in was a plush recliner with footstool
- having a mother willing to make hot honey and lemon drinks to soothe throat sore from coughing
- incapable of doing anything else so schedule wide open for re-reading Harry Potter book 6 & reading book 7 at a leisurely and enjoyable pace (and visiting no-one = no spoilers)

Apart from the antibiotics, I've been taking this stuff called Senega and Ammonia. It helps to open up your chest and loosen up whatever is blocking it. It is the most RANK-tasting stuff ever, but it's very effective and pretty cheap, too. I highly recommend it for any chesty cough, but here's a hint: once you've measured out your 20ml, tip it into a half glass of water. It doesn't taste quite so foul like that.

Much better tasting was the incredibly good chicken soup I made and lived on for two days after I got home...full of garlic (natural antibiotic) and parsley (vitamin C + iron) and about eight different vegetables and real chicken stock boiled up from chicken frames and extra chicken and pepper and spices and herbs and magic and goodness and phoenix tears and love. Mm-mm.

Anyway, it took me several days, but I'm totally better now and will be back at work on Monday. Not the best holiday I've ever had, but at least I saw my folks for a week or so, and didn't have to wait for a whole workday to pass each day so I could get back to Harry Potter. :)

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