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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

just rocks and cacti, mostly

Ahhh, intelligent obervation on porn. What a rare and lovely thing. If you want to read the whole thing follow the link to the original post, just be aware its language is non-PG and don't say you weren't warned.
I couldn't be more fed up with people who keep insisting that porn is about "sexual freedom" and that the mainstream porn industry "explores" and "breaks sexual taboos" and yada yada yada. Are you people kidding me? Is there anything more stereotypical and less taboo-breaking than mainstream porn? I mean, how can you watch your typical porn and NOT see the blantant age-old, traditional Victorian theme? Did these people perhaps also miss the zombie-pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean? Did they go watch Titanic and somehow not see the big sinking ship in it? Just because porn is not something you wanna watch with your grandma, doesn't mean it's revolutionary. It's impossible to discover your own burgeoning sexuality through mainstream porn, because porn has an agenda, and a pretty boring, unadventurous one at that...

Taboo-breaking, my third-wave feminist ASS.

And while I am linking you to stuff I have to put a warning on, thank you jojo for sending me the link for these mostly funny but not all work safe replacement covers for the new Harry Potter, for fans who aren't ready to come out of the closet yet (which is insane because there's probably a boggart in there). Here's my favourite (click to see larger):

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