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Thursday, July 12, 2007

but enough of these quasi posts

Youtube is fun, but time for some real news from the life of chosha. Today, after several long weeks of waiting, I finally found out I was successful in getting a level 5 position (I was officially a 4 before, though I've been acting at a 5 level for several months). So, basically, same job, more money, a little more responsibility. Exxxxxcellent.

And while I'm blowing my own horn (would that sound dirty if I was a guy?) let me just add that there were several positions on offer, but when they ranked the applicants I came first! They said that both the application and the interview were impressive. Pretty sweet to know that even if there'd only been one job, I'd have gotten it anyway.

So yeah, feeling very buoyant at the moment. Elated even. Yah me!

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