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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i realise this is a bit snotty on my part

...but sometimes I wonder how people write (and say) stuff like this with a straight face:
This site was established in November of 2006 by Virginia L. Beach, better known in the Pagan Community as Reverend Ocean - a Wiccan High Priestess and ordained Pagan Clergy from the Midwest of the USA.
I know I couldn't listen to someone introduce themselves this way without snorting. Much as I adore Marion Zimmer Bradley books, I often laughed out loud while reading her novels where some of the central characters were Celtic priestesses. Of course that kind of connection and obsession with nature and ritual made more sense in the historical context, but there is something about the way some modern pagans (particularly Wiccans) take themselves so seriously that makes me roll my eyes. Maybe I'm just not sufficiently in touch with the Goddess...

On a side note, this woman is deaf and that makes me wonder if she chants/incants in sign language or in voice. Both maybe. It's not like it matters, but it made me curious.

She does have this very cool picture on her site. It's like they caught the dryad inside the tree on camera while she was busy being glorious and didn't see them. And yes I realise there's a good chance it's photoshopped, but don't spoil the magic. ;)

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