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Thursday, June 07, 2007


I've just been enlisted to help run the upcoming roadshow. Roadshow, for the non-LDS church members reading this, is a play challenge that happens (in our neck of the church woods) every two or three years. Each ward submits and performs a play, usually involving at least some singing and dancing, on a given theme. Most of the great roadshows I've seen over the years could be described as a cross between a comedy skit and a pantomime. The plays are all performed on the same night and are judged in various categories. Back when people didn't have to sell their firstborn child to afford petrol, the roadshows actually travelled around from audience to audience in the various chapels in the area, hence the name.

Here's the fun part. For various reasons, our ward didn't get started on its roadshow until this week. I in fact spent tonight with two other people (including the original author) turning the submitted script from a story outline with basic dialogue into a workable (and funnier) script. We have not yet assembled a cast. And the roadshows are due to be performed on July 7.

Gonna be an interesting four weeks...

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