a little east of reality

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have a new homestay student and she's really cool and nice. She hails from Hong Kong and she's the first person I've ever had here who was really keen to just join in with anything that's normal for Australians. A lot of times students come here but outside of their classes they really just want to hang out with their friends (who also came on the same course), speak their own language, and stay firmly within their comfort zone. That's their choice, but I get a little bored with doing the same touristy things, and I tend to not see much of them anyway. This will give us more scope for what we can do, and she's quite eager to get out of her comfort zone and immerse herself in another culture. My other boarder is Chinese, but she only speaks to him in English, which is great, because she's not taking the easy route, and because he has an English test in two weeks and can't afford to be speaking Chinese at home.

She'll be staying with another homestay provider for five days while I'm in Melbourne for work, but apart from that it should be a fun six weeks with her.