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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

lucky these gaps are in my blog and not my teeth

...or I wouldn't be able to chew steak, ever. Days go by as I look longingly at my blog and think of all the stuff I want to write about.

Now I'm heading off to Melbourne for six days and not sure how I'm going to go getting to a computer there. I'll try to at least check in once. I have a nice variety of stuff planned, so at least there'll be lots to tell you when I get home.

In news of the moment, I just had my first day this year where I got out of the shower and thought, "yeah, time to put a heater back in the bathroom". The winter quilt (100% goosedown, baby!) is being fluffed up after long months in a box, and yesterday I bought myself some winter PJs. They are soft and warm and not at all sexy, with little monkeys (yo, Ai! (my monkey-loving friend...okay that just sounds wrong somehow. my friend who likes monkeys and stuff with monkeys on) and stars and the words 'sweet slumber' all over them.

And now I'm going to go get me some o' that sweet slumber, so I don't do any sweet sleeping-in and miss my sweet plane.

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