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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i rock. yes i do.

My mother likes bright colours, so when I send her flowers I tend to ask for gerbers and that kind of flower. They're so vivid and happy-looking. But this birthday I decided I'd done the gerber thing to death, so I asked them to send her roses in various colours, none pale. Apparently the florist outdid herself, because Mum has spoken to me three times now about how beautiful they are. One variety is one colour in the middle and another on the tips, and got more beautiful as it opened. As soon as my mum figures out how to use her new digital camera and sends me pictures, I'll post one for you.

Then the package arrived. In it was a book she had told me about maybe six weeks ago. She'd wanted it, but it wasn't readily available in Australia. I said I'd look into it and then promptly pretended to forget all about it. She conveniently did forget about it, until she found it in her mailbox yesterday morning.

Part of the conversation:
Mum: Thanks! I'll love you forever!
Chosha: Was that not on the cards before the book arrived?
Mum: Oh, you know what I mean...

Yes Mum, I do know what you mean. That I rock!!! Woohoo! Sorry I have to end this post and go bask in my own glory now. :)

(PS...and what book had her in such paroxisms of estasy? No, I'm not kidding. My mum is so cute.)

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