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Friday, April 06, 2007

comings and goings

Miss Flighty, who had been thinking about boarding with me for a few weeks, asked if she could move in last Sunday. She and her far-too-much-for-one-small-bedroom stuff arrived in two trips, the second ending after dark. She's been trying to get back all week to get it from the carport to the room, but always had something delaying her till after dark. Unfortunately this includes her bed, which is leaning against one of the poles on the open edge of the carport, exposed to the weather. All well and good during this hot, sunny week where any dew that gathered could dry off easily by 10am.

Today, however, the dark clouds are gathering and the forecast is for possible light rain. While a lot of her things are in danger of getting wet, the bed is what most concerns me, because it will be most damaged if it gets wet. I'm here alone and the carport has a dirt floor, so if I try to move the bed further in by myself I will have to drag it and it will get hella dirty. I rang some friends up the road but they were...unavailable (read: unwilling) to help.

And "where is the owner of this soon to be rained on gear?" I hear you asking. Well, I'd like to say that she's at work, which I'm assuming is the only thing that would keep her from rescuing her own belongings. Sadly I have no idea if that's the case, because she hasn't bothered to let me know what's happening. I called and text messaged (no answer) and that's about where it stands. It's very frustrating, because even though all her stuff is here, because she hasn't technically moved in, she also isn't paying any board. That might not seem like a problem (she's not eating her or using my electricity, etc) but the thing is that while she is dithering around, I have to assume she IS moving in, which means that I can't advertise for anyone else.

This became an even more pressing matter yesterday when Silent Bob got home and announced that he's probably moving out next week. His engineering subjects are a lot harder this year and he's spent a lot of time at a friend's house going through material in the evening. He doesn't get home for dinner very often and it looks like this might continue. This friend is also Chinese (they know each other from their hometown in China) and doing some of the same subjects, and he's willing to discuss the work with him (which is very generous), so it looks like the best thing might be if he moves in with that guy and then he won't need to find dinner and catch the late bus every night. Which all makes perfect sense, but he's the easiest, most considerate boarder I've ever had, and I will definitely miss him if he goes.

I wish this was all a little easier.

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