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Thursday, February 22, 2007

mr genki

New boarder arrived last night and he's adorable. For the non-Japanophiles reading, genki means energetic, in a loose 'how are you?' 'I'm good. I'm genki. Let's go!' kind of way.

Mr genki is 20, plays bass guitar in an indies band in Nagoya and is here for three weeks to study English. He has a very sweet enthusiam about him and has already asked a hundred questions.

He even brought me the coolest omiage (technical souvenirs, but actually more in the line of a 'thanks for having me stay' present). I wanted to show you, but I can't find the cable that connects my camera (well technically my mum's camera, mine died) to the computer. I might post the photo later. There was a calendar, a keitai (mobile) strap, a pretty pink hanky and his mother sent me two little dolls for hinamatsuri, which is the first week of March. But I have to put them away before March 4 ends, or tradition has it that I won't get married before the next hinamatsuri. And we can't have that.

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