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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Danny Bhoy

Bendy (friend from Adelaide who now lives in Canberra) and I went to dinner tonight and then on to see a Scottish comedian, Danny Bhoy. He was great ~ funny and sweet. The first half was regular stand-up, but after the interval he told us a story. The story itself was kind of serious and introspective and interesting, but the tangents he kept going off on were hilarious. I came out of wishing I could meet his best friend Craig...he sounds like a hoot.
He told us about this email he got. It was an idea for a practical joke, probably the best practical joke ever imagined, and also the least likely to happen. But it would be SOOOO FUNNNY if it did. The idea started when it was announced that Dennis Tito would become the first tourist in space (I think he eventually went up in 2001). The suggestion was that on the day he was due to return, that everyone on Earth should dress up in a monkey suit! And of course that's not going to happen, but how awesomely funny would it be?!

(If you haven't seen Planet of the Apes, don't even try to get the joke.)

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