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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Today I made an executive decision.

I like celery.

Forget the fact that I've always hated celery. Hey I used to hate avocado, too, and then I tried it with this Russian dressing and eventually I liked it by itself and now I think it's totally delicious.

So why can't I acquire a taste for celery?

Celery has negative calories - that is, it takes more calories to digest celery than the celery has in it. It's also a green vegetable, so immediately you're getting iron, which is great! So I've decided that I like celery. And now I'm going to eat it as often as possible until my taste buds agree with me.

My strategy is simple. Either it gets cooked in with a dish so full of garlic and herbs and pepper that I can't really taste the celery flavour, or if it's raw it will be soaked a little in balsamic dressing (only 4 calories per 20ml, excellent!) to take the edge off the flavour. And each time, just before I eat it, I'll say:
"Mmm, celery. I love celery!"
Hey, it could work! It could!

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