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Friday, January 12, 2007

I occasionally want to copy stuff from other people's blogs...

but I resist fairly well. Today I had to resist the urge to add this tagline to my comments space, aka Webmistriz:
If you don't comment, the terrorists win.
Now if I could just recall which comedian it was that did such a great piece on that...

Another thing I want to copy, but it's hard to say from whom as it's so common, is a bit on the sidebar telling what book/s I'm reading at the moment. I'm always curious to know what others are reading, so maybe somebody out there is wondering what's got my attention at the moment.

Speaking of which, I am currently reading The Bourne Identity, which is a lot more complex than the movie and listening to Stardust (Neil Gaiman's fairytale for adults, about to be a motion picture) on audiobook. I am not always a fan of books read by the author ~ I am, for example, very glad that Stephen Fry and not JK Rowling did the audiobook version of the Harry Potter books as h.e. .i.s. .s.o. .v.e.r.y. .g.o.o.d. .a.t. .i.t ~ but Neil will always be the exception. He is as quirky as his stories and I love listening to him read them.

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