a little east of reality

Monday, January 01, 2007

old year's night

I should've just stayed home and written down goals or something...

I was on my way out to a friend's house last night when I suddenly saw a shadow flash across my view. An instant later there was a horrible noise and I knew I'd hit something. It turned out to be a Staffy. At first she was so still I thought she was dead, but when I moved her from the middle of the road to the sidewalk she started to breathe shallowly and move a little.

I panicked a little, because from the get-go I knew there was no way the vet was going to be open on New Year's Eve. I called the RSPCA. The person on duty was great. Even though they are really just there to assist with injured wildlife, she came out and brought a towel to wrap the dog in, and gave me directions to the Animal Emergency Centre. At the centre they checked her out and gave her painkiller. I called today but no owners have called to see if anyone brought her in. She had a collar, but no tag or microchip.

They had a heap of dogs in there last night. Not only was there a loud storm, but they also run scared when there are fireworks, so NYE is a busy night. I actually watched the fireworks through the window while stroking the dog and talking to it to keep it calm.

Poor, poor thing. I didn't even see her coming. She was so sweet, too. Even in pain when she was being carried, she just growled a little and never tried to bite.