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Saturday, December 30, 2006

for the person who has everything

This is why I love The Quotable Neil. Neil's blog and numerous interviews have been around a lot longer than I've been a fan and RRNN gathers quotes together on a theme each post, which is jolly convenient. Sometimes I am simply entertained, and other times I stumble across something cool I would otherwise have missed.

Like today for example: as you might know, I am not a stuffed animal fan. Not at all. But today I'm wishing I was, because today I have discovered the Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club. Yes, you too can be the proud owner of a both cute and disturbing monthly offering from Windy Lewis' morbid mind and crafty hands.

Windy's been making these...creative...critters for a while, but it was Neil who asked her to start a Bunny-of-the-Month Club with him the first member, so let's finish with a quote from him:
The last one to arrive, about ten days ago, was a Bunny-skin Rug. The one the month before that had two heads.

"Oh," said my wife. "Finally one that isn't disturbing. Two heads. Well, compared to most of the bunnies she sends, that's kind of sweet."

"Yes," said Maddy, happily, who had seen what I had seen immediately. "And look, one of the heads is dead!"

(Neil Gaiman 06/18/03)