a little east of reality

Friday, December 29, 2006

happy christmas, even if christmas is not your thing

Did I neglect to wish you all a joyous holiday season? Why yes, I believe I did. Whatever you do or don't celebrate at this time of year, I hope you and yours are happy and well.

For me it's Christmas, and in spite of rather secular family lunches, Christmas does infuse my heart with a certain joy. This was a strange Christmas for me. I did few of the typical Christmas things-to-do ~ no carolling or baking of treats, no tree up and few Christmas cards sent. What did happen this Christmas is that I reflected long and hard on how grateful I am for the things I believe and the difference they make in my life. I thought a lot about how much I do or don't bless other people's lives. The Gospel is supposed to expand our love and compassion for others, to push us in the best way possible to be the best person we can be and to let the happiness in that best self spill out and make a difference in the world.

To everyone I read regularly: there's a reason I spend my time doing so. Thank you for letting me understand you a little better. Thanks for the humour, the book recommendations, the photographs that qualify as art (and the actual art). Thanks for the comments that let me know that my voice, insignificant as it is, doesn't just echo in the mist and disappear. Thanks for it all and more. It feels scarily corny to say so, but I really do love you all. Merry Christmas.