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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006, the year of the scrawny shaved crotch?

(I will eventually write a better post to end the year, but first a cleansing rant.)

Seriously, I thought it was skanky enough when Britney decided that the best way to get some free publicity was to NOT bother to wear undies, even after being snapped on camera without them. But it wasn't until I was reading an entertainment sum-up for 2006 that I realised that Britney was just adding her TMI to a long, skanky list of TMI crotch pics. Apparently in 2006, the whole anti-panties brigade ~ Paris, Nicky, Lindsay and then Britney ~ have managed to flash the camera with their bare crotches at some point, and Britney was not the only one to do so three times (Lindsay revealed three times that the cracks Paris' buddy made about freckles on her nether regions were just not so...like we cared, L). This post will definitely NOT be accompanied by pictures. The world has seen enough.

When, when, when are these worthless excuses for womanhood going to stop taking up our valuable air? Paris in particular makes me so angry. There she is, pretty-ish, intelligent (or so the claim goes, that her dumb-girl act is just marketing), rich and having some influence in the world; and yet she leads a completely useless, utterly forgettable existence - achieving nothing except fleeting notoriety, doing no good, leaving nothing of worth behind to remember her by.

And so many teenage and pre-teen girls out there wishing they could be just like her Laguna Beach Barbie self. Fabulous.