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Friday, January 12, 2007

speed...the non-druggy kind

Did I mention I changed internet providers. That's because my current provider offers adsl2+ (read: much, much, faster broadband) but cannot give me any idea when they are rolling out the service to my area. I waited a few months and then got busy looking for a new provider.

Adsl2+ takes me from the 512kbps I was on up to 8000kbps. I don't download movies, but to give an idea of the speed, at 8000kbps a movie would download in about five minutes. It's kind of amazing to watch your downloads move that fast. Not that I've seen it at top speed, but getting a fan-subbed Japanese TV drama (even the DVD version don't have English subtitles) in a few hours instead of a few days is a real joy.

And it's not just about downloads, either. Things just work better - watching movie trailers, loading a page with lots of pictures, and cool things like the behind-the-scenes videos that Keyboard Kid sent me fifteen links to last weekend. (We approve of the casting for the upcoming movie - especially Evanna Lynch as Luna.)

Basically, this is the first time since coming back to Australia just over three years ago that I've had broadband at a speed that comes close to what I got dirt cheap my last year in Japan, and behold, it is very good indeed.

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