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Friday, February 23, 2007

chosha's upcoming blockbuster feature film

I signed up for a course on writing comedy. I knew the teacher was a scriptwriter, but the course didn't necessarily seem to be about writing comedy for screenplays, but more for comedic writing in general.

How wrong I was.

And I wasn't the only one. Of the twelve people there last night, probably three were actually writing a screenplay, one other had written a TV series pilot, and the rest of us were generalists who didn't feel like the course info had been clear enough, because we had been firmly tossed into the deep end. In spite of the lack of screenwriters in the group and the clear indication that we had no idea that's what we had signed up for, the teacher simply ploughed ahead with her original plans as if we had all turned up and confessed that our one and only New Year's resolution had been to complete a comedic script in 2007.

In the end I thought, what the hell. It's something new, a way to stretch myself, and it might end up being fun, even if the script is an amateurish first attempt. Consequently, I now have homework: a synopsis and the first ten pages of my script. By next Thursday.

Scripts are double-spaced, right?